FAQ: How To Shotgun A Beer?

Is it hard to shotgun a beer?

Shotgunning beer is a great way to get drunk fast and impress your friends at house parties. But chugging a beer can be harder than it looks. Continue reading to learn how to shotgun a beer fast. College teaches kids a lot of great lessons, and one of those lessons is how to shotgun a beer.

How do you shotgun a beer fast?

Here are some extra tips on shotgunning a beer faster and more efficiently:

  1. Aluminum Can – Make sure that the beer can is made from aluminum.
  2. Choose a light beer – Heavy or flavored beer will be more difficult to drink quickly.
  3. Push Hard – When using your thumb, push real hard, and the can will open.

Is it easier to chug or shotgun a beer?

The Perfect Tool To Chug Beer Faster It’s, by far, the fastest way to chug a beer. With the shotgun method, instead of beer just falling into your throat, you puncture a can of beer and the released pressure shoots the beer into your mouth at high speeds. This makes chugging much easier (and faster).

How fast should you shotgun a beer?

Red: “My career average has been clocked somewhere between 4.5-6 seconds, depending on the situation.” Guy: “The first couple are races against your boys to display your time, ability, and form;” “Should take about 2-5 seconds.”

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What is the best beer to shotgun?

Pabst Blue Ribbon is a classic choice when it comes to a beer that is easy to drink. Other good drinks featured on this top beer to chug list include Coors Light, Red Stripe, and Lone Star.

How do you shotgun a beer without it spraying everywhere?

Tilt the beer Tilt the beer horizontally so that you can poke a whole where your mouth goes. Make sure the bottom part of the can is a little higher so that there’s an air bubble. When you poke the air pocket, it prevents the beer from spraying everywhere.

What is the secret to chugging beer?

Upend the beer and pour it down As ever, take a deep breath, lean your head back slightly, put the bottle to your mouth – with the end of the straw poking out – and pour the beer in. As with all the other methods, the idea is to relax your throat and just let the beer flow down it.

Do you swallow when you shotgun a beer?

As the contents of your glass enter your mouth, do not swallow. Instead, allow your throat to relax and the beer to flow directly into your stomach. Imagine you are pouring a glass of water down an open drain.

Can you shotgun a Coke?

Would it work with a soda? Yes. This will work with anything in an aluminum can, including soda. Just watch out for foam, since most sodas are fizzier than most beers.

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