FAQ: Where To Buy Chimay Beer?

What beer is similar to Chimay?

Rochefort 8, De Struise Pannepot, Rochefort 10, Ommegang Three Philosophers, Sierra Nevada Ovila Quad, La Trappe Quad. You’re almost definitely not going to get another ale from Belgium for a lower price.

Why is Chimay beer so expensive?

It’s a combination of import costs and the fact that these aren’t cheap styles to brew in the first place. The American versions are still over $10 a four pack. The North American breweries price their beers to ‘match’ the market for Trappist-style beers.

Where is Chimay beer from?

CHIMAY, THE LARGEST TRAPPIST BREWERY IN BELGIUM Chimay is the brightest representative for the Trappist breweries in Belgium. In the Middle Ages, it was first created in the Scourmont Abbey, a Trappist monastery in Chimay, Hainaut, Belgium on 19th September, 1862.

What’s the best Trappist beer?

Top 10 Trappist Beers

  • #1) Westvleteren 12. Wh.
  • #2) Chimay Blue Grande Reserve. Chimay.
  • #3) Orval.
  • #4) Rochefort 8.
  • #5) Westmalle Tripel.
  • #6) Achel Extra.
  • #7) LaTrappe/Koeningshoeven Quadruple.
  • #8) Spencer Trappist Holiday.

How is the beer Gose pronounced?

Proper Pronunciation: Gose-uh (rhymes with nose, adding “uh” to the end) Gose is a tart German wheat beer brewed with salt and coriander. It belongs to the same family as Berliner Weisse and Belgian Witbier. It is not to be confused with the blended Lambic, Gueuze (“ger-ze”), which also happens to be a tart wheat beer.

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Which is the most expensive beer in India?

Check out the 5 most expensive beers available in India

  • Duvel. Duvel. This Belgian beer is brewed for 90 days before it is packaged and distributed.
  • Chimay Red. Chimay Red.
  • Guinness. Guinness.
  • Murphy’s Irish Stout. Murphy’s Irish Stout.
  • Schneider Weisse.

What is the highest alcohol content beer?

Scottish brewery Brewmeister has made the strongest beer in the world, clocking in at 67.5 percent ABV. The subtly named Snake Venom is brewed with a one-two punch provided by doses of beer and Champagne yeasts.

How much alcohol is in Chimay beer?

At 7% alcohol by volume (ABV), Chimay Première (Red) ranks as a world-class example of the Trappist style of beer called Dubbel.

What kind of beer is Chimay Cinq Cents?

Belgium – Belgian Pale Ale – 10.0% ABV. Chimay Cent Cinquante is a strong, sophisticated and refreshing blond ale, with a balanced flavor and a floral fragrance, combined with hints of dried fruit and spices.

Can you visit Chimay Brewery?

Unfortunately the tours of the facility are very rare. However, you can visit the Auberge de Chimay nearby. There you can sample the different types of beer, enjoy a meal, and browse the Chimay shop. You can also visit the Espace Chimay which takes you through the history of the abbey and the beer.

How long does Chimay beer last?

All in all, Chimay Blue seems to be at its peak after 3 or 4 years cellaring. The harsher flavors have eased away somewhat and the aroma is at its peak. After those three years the beer deteriorates very slowly, but keeps its quality for a very long time.

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