How To Pronounce Draught Beer?

How do you pronounce draught?

Draught is a variant spelling of draft and is normally pronounced the same way, as [draft] or [drahft] or with a vowel somewhere between [a] and [ah]. A pronunciation [drawt ] is sometimes heard for draught, perhaps because -aught is frequently pronounced [-awt] elsewhere, as in caught and taught.

Is it draft or Draught beer?

While the draft spelling is much more common for beer in American English, draught is sometimes used for imported beers or the beer “on draught” at American establishments that are either notably British or notably fancy. Otherwise, draught is strictly a British English variant.

What are the hardest words to pronounce?

The Most Difficult English Word To Pronounce

  • Colonel.
  • Penguin.
  • Sixth.
  • Isthmus.
  • Anemone.
  • Squirrel.
  • Choir.
  • Worcestershire.

Are there two ways to pronounce epitome?

As reported by the NOAD and the OED, Epitome is pronounced /əˈpɪdəmi/ in American English and /ɪˈpɪtəmi/ (or /ɛˈpɪtəmi/) in British English.

Is Draught beer good for health?

Drinking alcoholic beverages, including beer, by healthy people seems to reduce the risk of developing heart disease. Moderate alcohol use (one to two drinks per day) reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, and heart attack by approximately 30% to 50% when compared with nondrinkers.

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Does Draught beer taste better?

A: Draft beer is definitely better than bottled, but canned can be better than draft. Light and oxygen are the enemies of beer. Draft beers usually move faster, and if you’re replacing kegs more often, that usually means fresher beer. So, in terms of quality and turnover, it’s draft, then cans, then bottles.

Is draft beer stronger?

Generally speaking, draft beers are also less expensive than bottled or canned varieties. This may be another reason for people drinking more of it. Draft beer is certainly not stronger overall than other kinds. But it may have got that reputation because it’s easy to drink more than canned or bottled varieties.

What is called Draught?

Draught is the British spelling of the word draft. A cold burst of wind, a swig or a serving of a drink, the act of pulling a heavy load, and the depth of a ship below the surface of the water: each of these can be called a draught.

Do Americans have Draught beer?

Yes and no. There’s no regulations like in England regarding the size of a draught beer and what’s considered a fair pour. So while we do use pint-size glasses (16-ounce pints, for whatever reason), they are often designed to hold less, as little as 12 ounces(!), by means of having a thick bottom or sides.

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