Often asked: Where Can I Buy Two Lane Beer?

What states can you buy two lane beer?

Two Lane American Golden Lager will first be available to the corner of the country Bryan calls home, hitting shelves in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia on March 2.

Who distributes two lane beer?

Two Lane Beer From Luke Bryan Relaunches With Constellation Brands.

Where is two lane brewing?

Brewed in Daleville, Virginia at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Two Lane is proud to produce every can in a place that feels like home.

What is the alcohol content in two lane beer?

Contains 4.2% ABV, 99 calories and 3g carbs, and made with high quality ingredients like American-grown barley and water from the Blue Ridge Mountains. Two Lane was designed with a clean and crisp flavor for smooth sipping’ anytime you want to feel a little more at home.

What does two lane beer taste like?

Every can of Two Lane has a crisp, refreshing taste because it’s brewed in Daleville, Virginia, with high-quality ingredients like two-row American barley, real cane sugar, and water sourced from the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Is two lane beer a light beer?

It’s light, easy drinking but has some good malt character to it.

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What is Luke Bryan’s beer?

About Two Lane: Two Lane American Golden Lager and Hard Seltzer is a collaboration between Constellation Brands and country music star Luke Bryan that combines Constellation’s high-end brewing expertise with Bryan’s desire for a smooth sipping beer and Southern-inspired hard seltzer to enjoy while on tour or at home.

What is a 2 lane road?

When practicing driving on intermediate roads, also known as two lane roads, look for roads with traffic moving between 25 and 40 mph, with one of two lanes moving in each direction. Roads should have controlled intersections and driveways, with parking lots or parked cars along the sides.

What beers does constellation own?

Our portfolio of beers outpaces the industry to create an experience as unique as you.

  • Corona Extra. Visit Website.
  • Corona Light. Visit Website.
  • Corona Premier. Visit Website.
  • Corona Hard Seltzer. Visit Website.
  • Corona Refresca. Visit Website.
  • Funky Buddha. Visit Website.
  • Modelo Chelada. Visit Website.
  • Modelo Especial. Visit Website.

Which beers are lagers?

What is lager? Lagers are a typical entry point into beer for new drinkers. Made with bottom fermenting yeast that has a lower tolerance to alcohol, lagers can taste light and a little malty. Classic lagers in America include Miller High Life, Coors, Budweiser and Yuengling.

What is Bud Light alcohol content?

The beer will be sold in cans and available in six-packs, 12-packs, 16-ounce single-serve cans and on draft. A 12-pack of cans has a suggested retail price of $15.99.

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