Often asked: Where Is Beer Can Island?

How do you get to Beer Can Island?

Beer Can Island is located at the Northern most part of Longboat Key. Just before crossing the Longboat Key bridge (the bridge that connects Longboat Key to Anna Maria Island). There are no facilities, no lifeguard, and limited street parking. A lot of people come to Beer Can Island by boat.

Can anyone go to Beer Can Island?

Located on the northern tip of Longboat Key, this undeveloped white sand beach is a popular hangout for locals. Nearly everyone comes by boat, but you can walk here in low tide.

Where is Beer Can Island Tampa Bay?

Beer Can Island changes Beer Can Island, officially named Pine Key, is between Apollo Beach and MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa Bay.

Who owns Beer Can Island?

Imperial Island sold Beer Can Island in December 2017 for $63,650 to Loomis, John Gadd, Cole Weaver and James Wester. Loomis said they have since added a fifth partner — Jonathan McHenry. But why sell his stake in an island, something that many would consider a dream to own?

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Is Beer Can beach Dog Friendly?

Dogs are welcome on this well-maintained beach as long as they are leashed. The beach is a popular choice for both surfing and fishing. While the beach isn’t as well-known for its wildlife as other beaches in the area, the ice plants that cling to the side of the cliffs make for some beautiful scenery.

Is there a ferry to Beer Can Island?

Round trip ferry service for up to six passengers from various locations throughout Apollo Beach to Beer Can Island (BCI)

Is Beer Can Island open to public?

According to the Tampa Bay Times, in 2017, the Pine Key was purchased by a group of friends, and over the past two years, they’ve added basic facilities like toilets and trash cans and—though the island is still open to the public —began charging for things like camping and private events.

Where is Beer Can Island Miami?

Sandspur Island (also known as Beer Can Island) is the largest spoil island in Biscayne Bay, which is part of the Oleta River State Park in Southern Florida. The island is 15 acres (6.1 ha), the largest island in North Bay of the Biscayne Bay and only accessible by boat.

How did Beer Can Island get its name?

“We needed to relocate our floating tiki barge,” Weaver said. “Here and so we went out looking for some real estate and found Beer Can Island as our home.” Beer Can Island – nicknamed for the beer cans left behind from boaters – is now the permanent home for their 74-foot-long floating tiki barge with a full bar.

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Are there restrooms on Egmont Key?

But be prepared, because while plenty of people may be on the island, Egmont Key is remote. It has no cars, no drinking water and no bathrooms.

How do you price beer cans?

To price bottled or canned beer for your bar, start by determining using your desired pour cost. You will first take the wholesale purchase price, divide the number of bottles included, and then divide that amount by your desired pour cost. Pour cost is often about 25% in the case of bottled beer.

How big is Beer Can Island?

APOLLO BEACH — The Hillsborough County Property Appraiser’s website says that the Pine Key — the popular boating and camping destination known by locals as Beer Can Island – should be 23.62 acres. But a recent survey of the island shared with the Tampa Bay Times said it is 8.9 acres.

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