Quick Answer: How To Cut A Lime For Beer?

Are you supposed to put the lime in the Corona?

We advise squeezing as much lime into your bottle as possible, then folding it lengthwise and pushing it as far into the neck of the bottle as possible. Next, put your thumb in the mouth of the bottle to keep any air or liquid from escaping, turn the bottle upside down, and spike your entire beverage with citrus.

Why is a lime in Corona?

Some say that the metal caps used to seal bottles of Corona are notorious for leaving rust marks on the rim and that the lime acts as a rust-remover and sterilizer. It has also been said that the lime is meant to keep flies out of the beer, as citrus is a natural bug repellent.

What does it mean to quarter a lime?

Lime or Lemon Wedge First, slice about a quarter inch off of each end of your lime or lemon. Then cut the fruit in half, lengthwise, and set one of the halves cut side-down on your cutting board. Finally, slice it at an angle, lengthwise, and you should have a perfect little wedge.

Which way do you cut a lemon?

Using a room temperature lemon, roll the lemon on your cutting board to get the juices flowing. Cut the lemon in half lengthwise instead of widthwise to expose more of the interior of the fruit, which will make it much easier to extract more juice.

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Why do you tip a Corona upside down?

Make a Red Corona. Remember that putting your thumb over the top of the beer and slowly turning it upside down a few times is a good way to mix the drink. Be careful: Turning the beer upside down at a fast rate will cause the beer to release carbonation and explode.

How do you make Corona taste better?

6 Ways To Make Beer Taste Better

  1. Mix with Citrus. This method is quite familiar, especially to those who love Corona or Blue Moon.
  2. Mix with Salt. This method might seem a little bit awkward before you implement the technique.
  3. Mix with Soda.
  4. Mix with Apple Juice.
  5. Campari and Beer.
  6. Add Some Margarita Mix.

What does Corona taste like?

It is a typical Mexican-style lager beer, with a dry taste and no bitter aftertaste. Corona has an almost sweet flavor that is aided by the lime juice in it to balance out some of its sweetness.

How do you cut a Mexican style lime?

To keep the fruit’s membranes and fibers from sending juice in all directions, take a lesson from Mexico where limes are used daily. Stand the fruit on its stem end, cut three lengthwise slabs around the central core, and squeeze away. Cut three lengthwise slabs around the central core.

How do you keep cut limes from turning brown?

The trick is to put the limes in a freezer bag, squeeze as much air out and seal it tightly. The tight seal keeps the moisture in the limes, so they last even longer without drying out. When it comes to sliced or cut limes, you should keep them in the fridge, no questions asked.

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